Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 this has got to be my favorite game. I have played the campaign about 6 times whether it be with friends or by myself. Borderlands 2 is a great RPG/FPS game which is very enjoyable and with is billions of guns that you can get it always good to replay and keep playing it. I have played every character in the game and i will say they are all enjoyable to use.

For those who do not know what Borderlands 2 is or wondering whether to get it or not i recommend to. Even though i have played it so many times i still enjoy playing it and am still surprised at what it gives me.

I will say all of the different characters you meat along the way are all funny and different in there on way. The Villon in the game is a man named Hansom Jack. Even though he is the bad guy he is still a loveable character in the game. I will say that this is not only a good action game it is also funny with different jokes and other stuff happening along the way.

If you are looking to buy it i would suggest doing it as you wont regret it. its also a great game to play with your friends as well.


Metro Last Light

I am not going to lie Metro Last Light is an amazing game. I believe they have done an amazing job with them. This game may not be for everyone but for some people you may love it. I will not say its my favorite game but i still think its amazing.

The story is very well done, so is the map design and locations you go as well. It feels like a game that they have put a lot of effort and time into it to make it a great game. The feel of the weapons and firing them feels really solid and well done. the lighting effect are good but on console its not shown as well as on computer. if you are looking to get it for the good graffiti then i would say get it on computer as console isn’t as good.

There are a lot of good things to say about this game but there are still negatives. Example in between areas when you are just talking to people it sometimes feels like they have dragged those sections out just to try and make the player look at the place you are at. This can sometimes be annoying when you want to go out on a mission but you have this NPC taking forever talking about random things. For some this may not annoy you but it sometimes did me.

Overall i would give this a 8.5/10 for its great game play and enjoyable to play.

Borderlands 2: New Psycho DLC

Borderlands 2 a well know game has released a new playable character a couple of weeks ago to add onto there 5 other characters. This character is called the Krieg and he is just like a Psycho bandit in the game but more exiting.

Krieg brings back the good melee ability that was in the first Borderlands by Brick. Instead of using his hands like Brick did in the first game Krieg is equipped with a buzz axe like the other psycho’s in the game. So far i haven’t been able to play krieg enough to unlock his higher skills in his skill trees but he is still a good and fun character that brings some different gameplay compared to the other characters.

When using his ability using the buzz axe you are not only ably to use it as a melee weapon you are also able to throw the axe continuously as he gets another out each time. This part i found the most fun with him going from close combat to throwing your axe at range and killing people.

Kriegs ability only lasts for 15 seconds and takes 120 seconds to recharge. the bonus that you get with his is that the more you get shot and loose health the quicker you it will recharge. this can be a lot of help when being shot at and in need of you skill. Krieg has interesting skill trees with the first focusing on range attacks with the second on melee, health/fight for your life extras. the last skill tree focuses on elemental damage with bonuses when setting yourself on fire.

Krieg, is a fun and different player that if you can i recommend getting a he provided a different feel to the game.


Destiny: E3 2013 Gameplay Review

E3 2013, has had lots of games reveled and showed off there. The one i liked the most was the Destiny gameplay they showed off. They showed around 12 minutes of gameplay from it. If you haven’t seen i recommend you go to the link down below and watch it before reading this so you know what I’m talking about.

It opens with showing some of the massive landscape and panning across it. The gameplay throughout the video I really smooth and fluent. The fighting in it shows us an enemy with a different technique to others. This game is multiplayer as you see when more people join feather into the area.

There is also great lighting affects in it. They show some of this off with a thing called the “ghost”. A little Robot companion that provides light in dark places and helps but turning on the lights for you.

A “public event” happens in the last half or the video showing more people coming in and a big cinematic bit where ships come in and knock over these two massive towers. In interviews they have stated that the area where the towers fall you can visit.

Destiny looks like it is a good open would MMO that is good to play with friends. looking forward to more information to be released about it in the upcoming future.

Staying Calm and Collected

I’m sure a lot of you have been there, where you are so frustrated with how you are playing or what someone else is doing. Even when you try as hard as you can to stay positive you get to the point where you want to hit someone….. anyway I’m sure if you haven’t experienced this you know someone who does.

If you are one of these people or you know one there are some things that can help to calm you down:

  1. Try to maybe listen to some music that calms you.
  2. Maybe have a 5 or 10 minute brake from the game to tack a breather then try again.
  3. If you really need just punch a cushion, try not to damage anything besides that.
  4. You can also try playing a different game for a while, but then again that doesn’t always work but it does for some.
  5. In the most serious times you may need to go onto the internet and look at pictures of Kitties.

These are some of the ways i use to cool down after a serious gaming session but you  may use other ways different to this. If you do need the help to calm down try some of  these out.



Surviving the FPS world of Gaming

Do you struggle in FPS games and not enjoy it because of that? The gaming world today has become a very competitive especially with all the FPS (First Person Shooters) games. This is mainly because of all the competitions that people can now join and as a result lots of people strive to be the best and forcing others to improve their skills or fall behind. At one point or  another everyone would have been a ‘NOOB’ (person that is a beginner or new user, often referred to in online Gaming). So how can someone go from being a NOOB to someone who is a good competitor to others. The best way to become a decent gamer would obviously be experience, to play a game till you start to improve and learn more tactics. This involves playing the game a decent amount of time and for some this may be difficult to do. Although some people can pick up the basic skills of a game very quickly while others it may take longer. One of the most important thing you can do to help you would be to always know what’s around you. This may take a while as you come to know the different maps and routes you can take on them. As you come to know them you will find its easier to predict where people will be and where they are going.